Transitioning to a Green Economy


The ABI partnership recognises that economic growth and action on environmental conservation can be achieved together. What’s more, actions taken to tackle environmental conservation can in fact often generate better economic growth. 


So ABI’s ‘Transitioning to a Green Economy’ theme aims: 


  • To create awareness among our partners, local municipalities, communities, land owners and the business sector in the Overberg that the Green Economy offers opportunities to create ‘better economic grow’.

  • And to be a catalyst in the emerging Green Economy in the Overberg by identifying opportunities and search for funding and investments for projects.



    The ABI Partnership has undertaken a host of actions to support this theme.


    ABI hosted the ‘Opportunities and Solutions: Towards the Green Economy in the Overberg’ workshop with Bantamsklip Organisation, Switch Africa Green (presented by REEEP) and SANEDI in Caledon in April 2016. 


    The themes highlighted by the participants at this workshop and the discussions that followed, formed the basis for the formulation of a strategy, ‘Extending and Deepening ABI’s Impact on the Green Economy in the Overberg’. This strategy identified four broad programmes.  






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