The Overberg's busy fire season


The Overberg was hit by 11 wildfires since the start of year up to the end of January. According to the Greater Overberg Fire Protection Association, almost all the wildfires were started by humans - either accidentally or with malicious intent. 

The Overberg has experienced a hot, fairly dry and windy fire season to date. In November last year, the Greater Overberg FPA’s manager, Louise Wessels, warned that the region was likely to face a tough fire season, given the weather forecasts and historic trends. 

A number of the 11 fires burnt over many days. Wildfires that were believed to have been extinguished flared up again in several instances, as wind speeds increased and winds changed direction. 

The Greater Overberg FPA has taken action in order to potentially reduce the high number of wildfires in future. Actions include renewed school and community education on the threats of wildfires. 

The Greater Overberg FPA is an ABI Partner. The FPA helps landowners to predict, prevent, manage and put out wildfires. The FPA is also involved in the ABI Alien Clearing Programme, and is working with the ABI group to facilitate an integrated approach to invasive alien clearing and fire management.


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