ABI to meet on alien clearing

ABI has secured funding from the Department of Environmental Affairs through its ‘Land User Incentive Scheme’, for alien clearing over the next three years - and hopefully beyond provided this first phase is run cost-effectively and efficiently. This funding allows for a new way of working between private landowner groups and government, and a new strategic way of tackling invasive aliens.

The funding will be available for land users on the Agulhas Plain. It is earmarked to cover operational costs of clearing teams including their wages, hand-held equipment for basic follow up work, protective clothing, transport of teams and training. The ABI community and ABI partners will need to provide co-funding in the form of financial and in-kind contributions and commitments.

The funding will be disbursed through organised landowner/user groups such as local Agricultural Associations, Conservancies, formal conservation groupings and Fire Protection Associations. They will in turn work with their members, making this the first deal of its kind. A strategy for prioritising areas to be cleared and for which funds will be made available will be drawn up and approved by the Project Steering Committee. The membership of this advisory body for the programme will be drawn from the ABI Alien Clearing Working Group.

The next ABI Alien Clearing Working Group meeting will take place on Thursday 28 February.
For more information on the meet, email: info@agulhasbiodiversity.co.za.

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