New skills for ABI clearing contractors

The ABI Coordination team hosted contractors involved in the ABI Alien Clearing Project, to learn more about the Unemployment Insurance Fund. Officials from the Department of Labour from Cape Town and Pretoria joined the contractors - to provide information on the fund, and how to ensure they meet the UIF’s requirements. 


The ABI Alien Clearing Project is providing employment for 28 contractors - who together create work for approximately 250 beneficiaries. Most contractors have worked for the Project over the past two years, with the ABI Alien Clearing Project now entering its third year. The role of the contractors exceeds overseeing the invasive alien clearing teams; they have also provided invaluable insight into the clearing plans and the density estimates of invaded areas.


The work session for contractors was held at Flower Valley Conservation Trust offices in Bredasdorp on Wednesday, 25 March. Flower Valley is currently coordinating the ABI Alien Clearing Project. 


From the ABI and Flower Valley teams, a huge thank you to the Department of Labour for supporting the UIF meeting, and assisting project stakeholders with their UIF requirements and benefits. 


abi alien clearing



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