ABI Partners share experiences


ABI Partners met in April, to update and inform each other on conservation and other initiatives taking place across the Overberg landscape. Partners include land user groups, landowners, representatives from conservation authorities, municipal officials and more.


ABI is a partnership of individuals and organisations that initially formed in 2003. The partnership operates as a landscape initiative, seeking to bring about improved landscapes and livelihoods in the Overberg. Partners meet once a quarter to inform each other, to ensure groups don’t work in silos, but cooperate to collectively reach conservation and social targets.


During the meeting, held at Van Brakel Store, the Interim Manager of the Greater Overberg Fire Protection Association (GOFPA), Louise Wessels, presented the latest developments within the FPA. Partners also discussed the Better Barley Better Beer Initiative, the ABI Alien Clearing Project, the Buffer Zone Strategy developments between the Agulhas National Park and the Nuwejaars Wetland Special Management Area, and the latest news from the Overberg Lowlands Conservation Trust.


ABI operates according to five themes: land-use planning, environmental education, responsible tourism, climate change and renewable energy. Theme leaders drive these themes, and report back to partners on any news related to their theme.


According to Alison Coughlan of Cape Agulhas Tourism (and theme leader of the responsible tourism theme), the Overberg District Municipality has formed a Local Economic Development Forum, which now allows municipal officials from all the B-municipalities in the Overberg to meet. This has encouraged the development of the region as a responsible tourism destination together.


For more information on the ABI Partnership, themes, or to join the ABI Partner meetings, contact us by emailing: info@agulhasbiodiversity.co.za

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