A strange visitor to ABI's shores

A rare and unusual visitor has been caught off the shores of the ABI-area. A Crestfish (Lophotus lacepede) was caught by a local fisherman Simon Swart in the shallow surf at Kassiesbaai, Arniston.


According to the South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity (SAIAB), these deep-sea fish are "rare but widespread". It measured 1.23 metres in length, although Crestfish are known to grow to about two metres. The SAIAB says it has about 20 records of these fish. Most recently, a Crestfish was found at the Great Fish River Mouth in 2011. Prior to that, a Crestfish was found at Betty's Bay in 2004. 


The SAIAB will now receive a DNA sample, as well as the coordinates of the catch, to catalogue the strange finding. 



crestfishcrest fish

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