Fire support for the Overberg


The Overberg has additional fire support through a newly appointed Operational Support Officer. Henrietta Brock will play a key role in the early detection of fires in the region, mapping risky areas and offering support to Fire Protection Associations (FPAs) here.


Henrietta has been appointed as part of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Fynbos Fire Project. She will remain in the position for the next 18 months, and will establish key systems to support FPAs, while assisting Fire & Disaster Management for the Overberg District Municipality. The GEF Fynbos Fire Project aims to improve Integrated Fire Management in the Fynbos Biome, by building capacity in FPAs and in local communities. GEF granted $3.5-million over the next three years.


Under the project, the Overberg will receive additional weather stations to assist in disseminating weather data and to look at potential risks. Early warning systems through the AFIS terminal (a satellite fire detection and mapping system) will also help detect fires before they get out of control. Land users will then be informed of potential risks on their properties. The new position will also assist as a dispatch function to ensure quick reaction from ODM’s fire fighters, and will seek to raise awareness with land users, to ensure close cooperation.  


Henrietta completed her BSc in Conservation Ecology from the University of Stellenbosch. She was an active firefighter with the Volunteer Wildfire Services in Stellenbosch and Cape Town for the last two years.
For more information, contact Henrietta: Tel. 028 425 2690 or email:

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