Fynbos Conservation Awards now open


The deadline for the Fynbos Conservation Awards for 2014 has been extended to 1 October. The awards, presented by the Cape Action for People and the Environment (CAPE), rewards individuals for their outstanding contribution or achievement amongst their peers in the broad biodiversity conservation community. The awards also showcase successful or innovative work by the conservation sector to the public through media coverage.


Up to three Fynbos Conservation Awards are given to recognise outstanding contributions or achievements in working towards the goal that “by the year 2020, the cooperation of capable institutions ensures that the biodiversity of the Cape Floristic Region is conserved, sustainably utilised and effectively managed, delivering significant benefits to the people of the region in a way that is embraced by local communities, endorsed by government and recognised internationally.”


Awards may be given for work that contributes towards one or more of the eight Strategic Objectives of the CAPE partnership in working towards the abovementioned goal.


The criteria for the Fynbos Conservation Awards and the nomination for can be downloaded here.


For more information, contact Marilyn Martin-Vermaak. Email: m.martin@sanbi.org.za;

Tel. 021 799 8863.








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