Responsible tourism ventures sought

Cape Agulhas Tourism (CAT) is seeking projects that will be able to join the region’s responsible tourism offering. According to Alison Coughlan, CEO of CAT, at a recent ABI Partners meeting, the tourism body is in the process of developing its responsible and nature-based tourism opportunities.


CAT is an ABI partner and plays a key role in ABI’s responsible tourism theme. Coughlan is also a theme leader in ABI. Through CAT’s renewed focus on responsible tourism, it is now working towards ensuring environmental integrity and social justice in the sector, while maximizing local economic benefit.


She said, “Everything we do needs to have a meaning and a life. For us, responsible tourism encapsulates the planet, people and profit.”


CAT is now identifying projects that have either been in existence for a long time, or have recently launched. “We’re looking for those projects that create opportunities for tourists. For example, using invasive aliens that have been cleared to create products (such as making toys for children) which tourists can buy.”


She said land users in the Cape Agulhas municipal area are active in driving responsible tourism initiatives. Tourists visiting the area will in future be able to enjoy agricultural tours, while also seeing the region’s often-endangered biodiversity. “While tourism is seen as a second economy for these land users, it could ultimately become a first economy for many players involved in the sector.”


An advisory group was established at the ABI meeting, which would assist in finding projects that would meet the responsible tourism criteria.


For more information or to suggest potential projects, contact Alison:

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agulhas plain

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