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Agulhas Biodiversity Initiative:
About us


The Agulhas Biodiversity Initiative is a landscape initiative. We work with partners across the Agulhas Plain and broader Overberg in the Western Cape of South Africa, using a landscape-level approach to facilitate conservation.

ABI operates as a voluntary association.

So private landowners, government departments, municipalities, non-profit organisations and businesses join as members (there is no cost associated with membership).

These ABI Partners then drive conservation and other action – as a collective – under the four themes of ABI (land-use planning; responsible tourism, environmental education and transitioning to a green economy).

ABI is currently coordinated by Flower Valley Conservation Trust, a non-governmental organisation based in the Overberg.

This interim coordination unit receives oversight from the ABI Committee, consisting of private landowners, government department officials and conservation organisation heads.

They in turn are accountable to the broader stakeholder group – the ABI Partnership.

The coordination unit can be reached on 028 388 0713 or 082 329 0249 or email on info@agulhasbiodiversity.co.za


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44 Villiers Street, Bredasdorp
Tel: + 27 (0) 28 425 2218


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Located around the most southerly tip of Africa, the Overberg region is the showcase of some of the most beautiful landscapes.



ABI is coordinated by the Flower Valley Conservation Trust.