Calling all birders! We need your help


FEB, 2018

Early this year, some of our ABI partners launched the “Targeted Species Project”. And they’re asking birders and conservationists to get involved.

Secretarybird or secretary bird (Sagittarius serpentarius)

Photograph by Sharon Brink.

Why this specific project?

Birdlife SA has recognised that the Agulhas Plain is an Important Bird Area (IBA), with 26 threatened bird species. These species need to be ‘targeted’. The aim of this project is therefore to build up a threatened species database in the Overberg which can be used to analyse trends concerning population demography, habitat preference, distribution, etc.

The database will be stored by the Overberg Crane Group, who can then use the information and share it with relevant partners, to therefore hopefully ensure more protection of these threatened species.

So how can you help?

Through the collaboration, Birdlasser has created a challenge for the Overberg. When you join, you act as a citizen scientist and help improve the data pool.

So download Birdlasser (a FREE app), select the threatened species project under ‘Causes’ and then join the Overberg 150km Challenge under ‘Play’. Here you will be able to enter the exact GPS coordinates of your sightings, as well as any information pertaining the birds.



Which birds must I look out for?


Target Species common name  Target species status
Cape Cormorant  Globally threatened
Damara Tern  Globally threatened
Chestnut-banded Plover  Globally threatened
African Black Oystercatcher  Globally threatened
Lesser Flamingo  Globally threatened
Blue Crane  Globally threatened
Denhams Bustard  Globally threatened
Southern Black Korhaan  Globally threatened
Secretarybird  Globally threatened
Martial Eagle  Globally threatened
Black Harrier  Globally threatened
Hottentot Buttonquail  Globally threatened
African Marsh-harrier  Regionally threatened species
Lanner Falcon  Regionally threatened species
African Grass owl  Regionally threatened species
Greater Flamingo  Regionally threatened species
Caspian Tern  Regionally threatened species
Karoo Korhaan  Regionally threatened species
Agulhas long-billed lark  Regionally threatened species
Striped Flufftail  Regionally threatened species
Greater Painted-snipe  Regionally threatened species
Cape Spurfowl  Range/Biome restricted species
Cape Bulbul  Range/Biome restricted species
Cape clapper lark  Nuwejaars Target species
Marsh Owl  Nuwejaars Target species
Cape Eagle-owl  Nuwejaars Target species


Prizes will be given for the highest species counts over the challenge area, and also the highest number of target species sighted within the challenge area. The fun will carry on for the whole of 2018.




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