Opportunity: UK retail market seeks invasive plant biomass


AUGUST, 2020

Landowners and others with invasive alien plants on their Overberg property can make the most of this green economic opportunity.

The ABI Green Economy theme is looking to facilitate the supply of invasive alien plants to the UK retail market as firewood. 

It’s envisaged that a large feedstock will be established to meet the demand – and that suppliers will provide wood for this feedstock.

There are a couple of specs for potential suppliers:

  • Wood must be from Eucalyptus species and Black Wattle (Acacia mearnsii).
  • It must be cut, dried and packed in 7.5kg bags (about 12 pieces of wood per bag).
  • It must be dry with a moisture content of below 20%.

Suppliers must also comply with labour and environmental legislation.

Click below for more information, and to take this opportunity further: 

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