ABI Partners are being invited to spread their conservation messages – via a Twitter chat. ABI is co-hosting a conservation Twitter discussion on the #discoverOverberg stream on Wednesday 21 October. The Twitter discussion is the perfect opportunity for partners in conservation to showcase their work to a broad audience.

ABI is one of four co-hosts of the #discoverOverberg chat. ABI aims to serve as the conservation coordination hub in the Overberg, working as the meeting place for partners involved in conservation to share their achievements, and to find innovative ways of working together. The Twitter discussion therefore offers a platform for ABI Partners and friends to connect with each other and new stakeholders and players.

Although only an hour from Cape Town, the Overberg is renowned for its immense biodiversity, and is recognised as a home for many rare and endangered bird-, animal- and plant species. Large sections of the region are recognised as Protected Areas or Critical Biodiversity Areas. However, there are many threats to the Overberg’s conservation efforts, including the spread of invasive alien plants, land degradation and other challenges.

The #discoverOverberg chat encourages all to share their conservation experiences in the Overberg, by answering three questions. The questions are: 

Q1 Why do you think conservation is so important, especially for a region like the Overberg? #discoverOverberg

Q2 What are your favourite #discoverOverberg conservation projects, where are they and what do they do? Feel free to share images.

Q3 How can locals and visitors get more involved in making a meaningful contribution to #discoverOverberg conservation projects?

The Twitter chat takes place on Wednesday, 21 October between 12-1pm. 


How does it work?

Those joining the chat should log on to Twitter, search for @Agulhasbi (and please follow us if you haven’t yet), then search for “#discoverOverberg”. You will see a stream of tweets, all of them connected with the word “#discoverOverberg”. This gives you the view on which to follow the chat, and answer the three conservation questions as they’re posted by the hosts. Remember, a tweet is only 140 character long, so your message needs to be short and you must add “#discoveroverberg” in the tweet. You can also add links or images in your tweet. The easiest way is to prepare your answers before the chat, join up some time before it starts at 12pm, and then join in the fun.

It is a very busy chat, so you will see many tweets in the stream, with people favoriting and retweeting, with the potential to reach and network with hundreds of individuals, bloggers, sponsors and other organisations. If you’re not on Twitter, maybe this is the time to join up and use the opportunity to share your conservation message.

For more info, visit: http://discoveroverberg.org/