The Agulhas Biodiversity Initiative (ABI) is now calling for proposals to the ABI Small Grants Fund. Projects and organisations have until Friday 19 June 2015 to apply for small grants funding.

ABI is supported by the Table Mountain Fund, an associated Trust of WWF-South Africa. Through this, ABI is supporting community-based projects in the Overberg for amounts of up to R20,000 per year. The projects should undertake conservation action linked to one or more of ABI’s theme areas. The four themes are: integrated land-use planning; responsible tourism; environmental education and the Green Economy.

In its second year, the ABI Small Grants Fund supported five projects – including the use of invasive alien biomass for cooking stoves, after-school edutainment for children that combines sport and natural education excursions, and a conservation-awareness campaign, as told through the eyes of Stripes the Eco-Cat.

The Small Grants Fund supported three projects in the first year.

All the projects encourage closer municipal buy-in into conservation action in the four municipal areas of the Overberg District. The projects must be listed on the municipalities’ Integrated Development Plans in future.

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