ABI Alien Clearing team members from the Napier Mountain Conservancy attended a Field Safety & Snake Awareness day. Seventeen of the ABI project’s participants attended the course, held on 29 October.

The course was hosted by Conservation at Work. It sought to teach trainees to identify the snakes in our area, including the Puff Adder, Rinkhals, Boomslang and Cape Cobra. The course also taught participants to tell venomous snakes apart from non-venomous snakes such as the Mole Snake.

The Snake Awareness Day also encouraged trainees to respect the fauna and flora, and to better understand the important role that snakes play in the biodiversity.

In the case of an emergency, the clearing team members were introduced to wilderness First Aid and Buddy Care, and how to implement correct emergency procedures and first aid treatment.

From ABI, our thanks to the Napier Mountain Conservancy and Conservation at Work for organising and hosting the training day.